MD Forestry Economic Adjustment Strategy

The Maryland Forestry Economic Adjustment Strategy  (MFEAS) was developed by the forest product industry with funding from the Dept. of Commerce and the support from Maryland's Department of Natural Resources' Forest Service.  MFEAS calls for exponential industry growth through woody biomass for energy and expansion of national and international timber trade.  Logging our forests - the single tool we have for drawing down pollution and burning them for energy, thereby re-emitting  CO2 already stored in the trees and the soils, will put our emissions goals out of reach. This PowerPoint presentation calls out the misleading statements by the industry and contrasts them with environmental conservation and climate justice concerns that the majority of Marylanders are truly worried about.

Please click on the blue button below- it will take you to a short PowerPoint presentation highlighting key issues with MFEAS. When you get to the google slides page, please click on "slideshow" in the top right corner for optimal viewing. (All sources are embedded.)