Sonia Demiray, Communications Strategist: “We've raced past by our goal of halting Climate Change at 1.5C/2.7F. Yet, corporations and elected officials still focus on maximizing profits instead of looking out for the people and the planet. We, the general public, must take the lead in bringing on immediate change, resiliency, and climate justice. The Climate Communications Coalition supports action through clear and data-driven information and by providing the tools to provoke change. We use consistent, coherent, and science driven communications to support our environmental and climate justice partners and to call out those who gaslight the public.” soniademiray@climatecc.org

Board members 

Kathleen Rall, Climate Activist: “I want to save a livable environment for future generations.  I believe this is what most citizens and leaders want, but the climate crisis is not broadcast loud enough or often enough to move governments and everyone else.  We must speak together, build our strength, move mountains, embrace big changes.” 

Katey Grogan, Contracting Specialist: “We are reaching the point where climate change may become irreversible. The time to act is now. Communication is a critical step in giving future generations access to a sustainable future.” kateygrogan@climatecc.org

David Demiray, Attorney and In-House Counsel

Advisory Council 

The advisory council reviews communications and layouts prior to partner sign off.  It includes among others:

John Canan, Photographer & Videographer, Owner at Mountains & Rivers 

"We must re-wild the human imagination and work with nature again to save it and ourselves.”

Staci Hartwell, former NAACP - MSC, Environmental and Climate Justice Chair

Allison Lee-Young, Public Health Communications Specialist

Abel Olivo, Defensores de la Cuenca,  Latino and First Nations outreach