Alexander Behzadi, Environmental Activist & Social Entrepreneur: "I love this planet. When my time here is done, I want to know that it is healthy and moving in a direction focused on innovation & sustainability. I believe many people feel the same, and so we must come together to hold companies accountable, push local & international initiatives, and unite toward the common goal of leaving a healthy home for future generations of humans and all other living species!"

John Canan, Photographer & Videographer: “Through my work at Mountains and Rivers, I attempt to re-establish the human sense of place and connection in and with the natural world. We must re-wild the human imagination and work with nature again to save it and ourselves.”

Sonia Demiray, Communications Strategist & Ecopreneur: “The climate emergency is an existential threat. We have a small window of time left to change our ways and cap global warming at 1.5 Celsius/2.7 Fahrenheit. In doing so, we can and must lift each other up. Together, we will give the general public the information and the tools they need to change their own behavior, become discerning consumers, and fight for a livable future for all.” soniademiray@climatecc.org

Katey Grogan, Contracting Specialist: “We are reaching the point where climate change may become irreversible. The time to act is now. Communication is a critical step in giving future generations access to a sustainable future.” kateygrogan@climatecc.org

Kathleen Rall, Climate Activist: “As a mother and grandmother I want most to save a livable environment for future generations. I believe this is what most citizens and leaders want, but the climate crisis is not broadcast loud enough or often enough to move governments and everyone else. We must speak together, build our strength, move mountains, embrace big changes.”

David Demiray, Attorney and In-House Counsel