Our Mission:

To move individuals, communities, corporations, and elected officials to act on environmental conservation and climate justice now by amplifying, supplementing, and coordinating participating environmental organizations’ communications to multiply their effectiveness and reach. We provide media and audiences with the data (why) and the way (how) each of us can help halt Climate Change. We hold individuals, communities, corporations, and elected officials accountable for their actions. Because time is running out.

We are an open non-profit group: we are open to all people who wish to volunteer with ClimateCC’s mission of con serving and restoring a healthy environment for all and who will follow our core messaging values: Science based. Data driven.  Fair. Correct. Objective.

We accept donations and will apply for grants. Any money we obtain will be dedicated to production costs for advertising and public service announcements and to purchasing media space to support our purpose.

Our Vision: 

The Climate Communications Coalition will be a catalyst for change on how people perceive and interact with the environment.

Our WHY: 

This New Zealand Article from 1912 demonstrates the inaction of elected officials and corporations for 110 years.  The almighty $ won.  Today, we have no choice- we must take DRASTIC ACTION ON CLIMATE.